Help needed! I transfer NKNs to my Binance Wallet ERC-20 Address by mistake

I transfer NKNs to my Binance Wallet Ethereum Wallet Address. This resulted in a “succesfull” transaction (I can even see it in the Activity of the Wallet (and check the Etherscan Link, where I see all details of the transaction) but I dont see a Balance of this Crypto, as in this wallet there is no NKN blockchain.

How Can I recover this NKNs back to my Coinbase Wallet (from where I made the mistake)?
Or how can I somehow get back those NKNs in the corect blockchain?

Thank you very much!!



Hi, we don’t know if we can help since NKN is not yet supported on BSC. But please email [email protected] with your details, and our technical support staff can have a look.