How do i get that wallet.pswd file?


I’ve been following to the letter and i am apparently supposed to have a wallet.pswd file.

I don’t.
It doesn’t come with the download from (i only get a wallet.json file).

There must be a very easy way that i just don’t see (yet)…
I did run the node locally (it’s running now) and there i just enter my password in the web ui every time it reboots. I don’t have a .pswd file there either.


Hi Mark

As long as you have both wallet.json and a password you know, and can open that wallet on, then you are fine. This is your beneficiaryaddress, where all the mining rewards will be automatically deposited there.

It is different from individual wallet on each node. DO 1-click auto generate a wallet so there is a wallet.json and wallet.pswd file in the directory /home/nkn/go/src/ But if you configure in config.json with the beneficiaryaddress, then this local wallet will store zero NKN. All the mining reward will go to the BeneficiaryAddress wallet.

Hope it clarifies.

Yep, that clears it up.
That along with the information that each node needs to have it’s own wallet! That’s something i didn’t see written in many places (found it in a bug report…).

Now it makes the 1-click-deployment logical for me :slight_smile:

It should be here:

It is :slight_smile:
But i didn’t use “that” wiki version to get up and running.
I used the medium link which does not include that little but important bit of information.