How to backup & transfer Nodes from AWS to Digital Ocean or AWS?

Hi to all

I am new to this project and i am running a few nodes. I would like to move my nodes from AWS to DO and need some assistance to do so.

How do i receive the backup files in AWS? And how do i install them in DO?
I would really appreciate if one of you can guide me through this!

Thanks alot in advance

Hi Alena and welcome ! :slight_smile:

Are you “confortable” with the console?
If yes, here’s a way :

Connect of your AWS node and go into your node directory. You can use the following command :

cd "$(find / -type d -name "nkn-node" 2>/dev/null)"

In the directory are 2 files : wallet.json and wallet.pswd
Those are the file you need to save for now.

Once those files saved, head to DO and setup your new nodes (I think you can use their installer, otherwise the All-in-One script is really easy to use)

Once your new nodes started they should be asking to pay generation fee (you can see that checking their IP on Don’t pay them.

Connect to your node in ssh and go into your node directory using the same command as on your old nodes.
Delete the existing wallet.json and wallet.pswd files, replace them by the ones saved from AWS.

At this point it is really important to shutdown your AWS nodes.
You can’t run 2 nodes with the same wallet.

Once your old nodes are shut down restart your new nodes.
You should be using your AWS generated IDs on DO

Good luck!