How to backup & transfer Nodes from VULTR to Digital Ocean?

Hi to all

I am new to this project and i am running a few nodes. I would like to move my nodes from VULTR to DO and need some assistance to do so.

How do i receive the backup files in Vultr? And how do i install them in DO?
I would really appreciate if one of you can guide me through this!

Thanks alot in advance

Hello @DiggiDon !

The first step is to connect to your VULTR nodes to backups 2 files : wallet.json and wallet.pswd
If you use SSH you can connect on your host than use the following commands :

cd "$(find / -type d -name "nkn-node" 2>/dev/null)"
cat wallet.json
cat wallet.pswd

The first command will bring you to your node installation directory.
The 2 others display the content of the files that you need to save.

Once saved, start the installation of your new node When finished, your node should ask you to pay the generation ID fees. Open the wallet.json and wallet.pswd files and replace their content with the one you saved previously. You can use the nano command for that :

nano wallet.json
nano wallet.pswd

Reboot your node, you should be up and mining :slight_smile:

Do not hesitate to come on Discord if you need more help, there’s a bunch of nice people over there always ready to help fellows miners!