How to clone many nodes on DigitalOcean

Assume you followed the instruction and created 1-click NKN node on DigitalOcean (One-Click to build a New Kind of Network node on DigitalOcean), now you want to create a lot of nodes with the same configuration and same wallet. Here is simple two steps with screenshot:

Step 1: take a live snapshot of the good 1-click node that is running properly, give it a good name so you can remember.

Step 2: Create a new droplet, choose the right snapshot from “snapshots”, and voila!

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WARNING: this method is no longer working on mainnet.

  • In Mainnet, each node MUST have a unique wallet and cannot share the same wallet with other nodes, otherwise the node will not be able to join. It is recommended to use BeneficiaryAddr (in config.json) for both better security and convenience (if you run multiple nodes).