How to update password for AWS node?

I am running a new node in AWS and am trying to replace the wallet.json and wallet.pswd from a previous node that already has an ID. I was able to replace the wallet.json file but am having trouble replacing the wallet.pswd file because I don’t have the permission to overwrite it. At one point, I thought I was able to replace it but when I rebooted my instance, the password in the wall.pswd file reverted to the previous password.

Hello rubyr,

according to your installer your node is using a “nkn” username (can be nkn, nknx or the one you picked).
You have to modify the file using this user.

If you can login with this user try to log with you usual user than modify the file using sudo before your command, for eg sudo nano wallet.json

Also check you files permissions using ls -la command in the nkn-node directory.
If you see flies not owned by your nkn user you can modify them using the chown group:user myfile command

Once you have replaced your wallet files, you can restart your node and it should works :slight_smile:

I hope it helped !


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Hello TheAL,

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, I’m unable to connect to my instance using “nkn” as the user name. I also tried other common AWS instance user names with no luck. Do you know how I can find the user name within my account or how I can identify the user name when setting up a new instance?

I don’t think my instance was set up with the right features that’ll allow me to use EC2 Instance Connect. I’m looking into this now.

Update: I was able to connect to the instance through an SSH client! I used the ls -la command but wasn’t able to tell what the files permissions. I found it odd that I was able to overwrite the wallet.json file using FileZilla (my original method for overwriting) but unable to do the same for wallet.pswd. The command “chown group:user myfile” did not work for me. I might be entering the command incorrectly. So what I ended up doing is using the command “sudo nano wallet.pswd” than using another command to copy this file to the appropriate directory.

Thanks so much your help!