How to upgrade windows miner to Main Net


I have been running the windows miner for several months with dismal results, how do I upgrade it to work on main net?
Hoping that will yield better results…


Our developers are busy updating the GUI miner software for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. But since we were quite busy with mainnet core, it will take a bit more time to finish it off. Thanks for your patience.

OK, I shall wait…
I have more questions though.

  1. Do I have to convert my testnet tokens to main net tokens or something?
  2. Do I use the same wallet?
  3. If I try to connect with it just times out now, is this now down?
  4. Similar issue with, says no input file specified?

We need some clear instructions on what to do !

1: You need covert all your testnet token to ERC20 NKN token now via cause the testnet will shutdown after mainnet stable
2: No, mainnet use incompatible wallet format, so you need create new wallet via the nknc or for mainnet
3: NKN-mining won’t support the mainnet, a integration WebUI of nknd will release in the next week for mainnet
4: under maintain and not work for testnet at this moment,

The mainnet explorer is, if you still need to browse testnet block , you can use

Thank you for your answers!
It would have been nice to have been told all of this earlier, why isnt this info sent out in an email?

Only one bit of confusion remains…
You say I need to create a new wallet on, Im assuming this is to receive the converted tokens but the conversion tool instructions says to use a standard ETH wallet like metamask. If I try to enter the receive address as generated from the wallet created on it says Invalid ETH Address?
So, do we have to use a Metamask wallet?

Hi, for converting the testnet (tNKN) to ERC-20 NKN, you only need to create a ETH wallet such as Metamask or Trust. is ONLY for mainnet. and we are NOT doing any swap for mainnet yet.

OK, thank you. I have used my Metamask wallet, seems to have worked although I cant see the tokens yet. The other piece if information which is missing is what is the contract address to add the NKN custom token to Metamask?


Great, thank you