I am trying to Generate ID for the Node But When i am Depositing the 10NKN it Shows Wrong Address


I am trying to generate an id for my node. When I am trying to deposit 10NKN to the mentioned address it shows the wrong address. I am using Huobi Global. Please help me with this.

I’m going to need a little bit of history concerning exactly how you are going about this.

I’ll take some guesses to what you are attempting in the meantime.

Hopefully you are sending to the local node wallet and not your beneficiary wallet.

The main reason I think this is not working is because you are trying to send the ERC-20 NKN token into your local node wallet. This will not work. You can only send mainnet NKN tokens to these addresses.
You can swap ERC-20 into mainnet tokens here: https://swap.nkn.org/

That was done and now my node is syncing. Thank you for the help.
Do you know how much time does it take a node to fully sync and start mining?
Is there any faster way?

Please let me know.

There are a few factors involved with how long it takes to fully sync.

I have 100 mbit downlink and am running the node from my home pc, the chain database is stored on an ssd. It took a little over a day to sync fully. Slower internet and running from an old spinner hdd would take longer but not much. The most I’ve seen anyone say it took was around 2 days.

It is possible to download the chain db file from some places, but I haven’t used it. There will be syncing involved even if you use one of those. Plus if something goes wrong with the file it’s just another thing you’d have to troubleshoot. My personal recommendation is to just sync from scratch, that way you can be sure everything is correct in the database file. It takes longer but your node would be communicating directly with other fully synced and verified databases on currently running nodes.

The beauty of syncing from scratch is that you can be sure everything in the file is correct. I know how you feel about wanting it done faster because that is exactly how I felt when I was syncing. Once it’s done, then it’s done and you won’t have to worry about such a long sync in the future.

Welcome to the NKN node operators club!

That’s Right. I am giving it some time to fully sync and will see how much time does it take.

Thank you for the help.:smiley: