"Invalid transaction" when transfer tNKN tokens

Note: this only concerns testnet NKN token (tNKN). If you don’t have any of those, you can safely ignore the rest of message.

Recently several users reported problem when they try to transfer tNKN token from their wallet to our receiving wallet during the tNKN token swap process. Especially the wallet is a beneficiary address that many miner nodes deposit mining rewards into.

Analysis: This “invalid transaction” during tNKN wallet operation is due to too many UTXO inputs (single transaction size is too big).

Solution: a workaround is like this

  • You create a new tNKN wallet (e.g. using https://testnet.nkn.org/wallet/create)
  • Transfer tNKN tokens in several batch to the new tNKN wallet (preferably <10K tNKN each time)
  • Once all tokens are transferred to the new tNKN wallet, you can continue with your swap process (e.g. transfer the exact amount to the tNKN receiving address shown next to QR code according to your swap order)

Hope it helps!