Is DO One-Click still working?

Just created a new account on DO, created some droplets but when I check IP’s in node manager says OFFLINE, is there a problem on the moment?


DO one click script was selected, I have logged in via console access and reset password then done a sudo reboot as I have previously but now no new accounts work???

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I can suggest following things to confirm your problem further.

  1. Login into your droplet via ssh
  2. cd ~/go/src/
  3. ./nknc info --state
  4. Check what is says under “version” in the output
    It should be v1.0.6-beta

Check if nkn service is starting properly

  1. SSH into your droplet
  2. Install htop to check if nkn service is starting properly and working
  3. sudo apt-get install htop
  4. htop

The problem you’re facing could be the one faced by many in previous release, where all nodes were keep getting restarted.
If everything is in check in your droplet,

There is a bug currently preventing new nodes to join network (while generate new ID for the new node). Our developer team is going to release v1.0.7 today or tomorrow (depending on your time zone) to fix it. So please stay tuned.

Ah good to know, thanks.
Do we have to upgrade manually?

All our cloud 1-click (including DO) have automatic upgrade built-in. Typically you just need to wait and it will upgrade automatically, within 24 hours after the new release (e.g. v1.0.7) is published. You can also reboot the machine to upgrade right away.

OK, thanks.
I was able to get half my nodes working but some of the new ones still wont start, says OFFLINE?

It takes time for new nodes to join, please wait for a few hours

Its been about 10 hours now, just 2 left still OFFLINE…?
Is it correct that we cant add them to node-manager when they are OFFLINE, it says error with IP, would have been nice to still be able to add them for monitoring rather than havin gto go to explorer to see f they have started syncing.

Now all my new nodes are offline…?

That is strange. All my 9 DO nodes are online and working well after (automatically) upgraded to v1.0.7.

My older DO nodes are still running fine, its only the ones I created yesterday have all gone offline. They are all on v1.0.7