Is it possible to create a game on the NKN network?

I would like to know if it is possible to create games on the NKN network.

I want to create a project using UNITY 3D on NKN Mainnet.

The game could have its expenses managed by NKN’s own network, something like Ethereum’s smart contracts and Binance Smart Chain’s network.

It is possible?

HI @brounk9x It’s possible and welcome!

You can refer to this article: Space Cats on NKN

Actually, NKN have made our own game via NKN network before,

Also, NKN team is always pay close attention to high potential areas like game industry and livestream, etc.

Some reward are also considered if the project is doing well~!

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I can implement:

-Login using the wallet

-Payments directly in the game


-An economic system

In other words, something like the current smart contracts with Mainnet?