Is NConnect still usable on Synology NAS?

I’ve come across several resources for putting NConnect on my Synology NAS, but I cannot do it. I have a DS223 running DSM 7.2.

I see that 7.0 was supported ( nConnect User Manual Video - Synology (nConnect 教学视频-群晖) ).

I see as recently as June 2023 it was listed as supported on my model ( ).

There are several other resources I’ve seen it discussed in as well, but I cannot find it on my machine. Is NConnect still supported on those devices? I’d love to use it but I’m a bit confused as to how to proceed.

I just want to follow up on this that I also opened a support ticket with Synology, and they indicated that I should contact NKN since they have yet to release a version of the software for the latest version of Synology’s DSM - so if anyone at NKN has any insights on whether this is planned, or in the works, it would be very helpful!

nConnect’s official team is already handling this matter. We received a response from Synology just yesterday, confirming that the new version has been officially listed. Currently, we are in the process of verifying the issue you’ve encountered with Synology’s team. If you’re unable to download nConnect from the Synology Package Center at the moment, you can obtain the latest installation package from nkn’s official website. Thank you for your feedback, and we are committed to resolving this issue.

Thank you @NKNer, the official website page that I am checking ( ) does not have a download supporting for version 7.2, which is the one that my device runs on. It also still does not show up in the package center (I assume because there is no official download I see for version 7.2). Is there a plan to release a version compatible with 7.2?

The NKN nConnect for NAS app is still under development and is not yet compatible with the latest version of Synology’s DSM. However, the NKN team is working hard to release a compatible version as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can still use nConnect to access your NAS remotely by using the older version of DSM. You can also use other remote access methods, such as Synology’s QuickConnect or VPN.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.