Last effort on missing rewards

Hey guys,
I’ve posted this before and hope I’m not being spammy but I’m finding no solutions. I’ve been on discord, here and reddit. I have a node launched through fast deploy on Digital Ocean. It’s been mining for quite a while now. NKNx dashboard shows it as mining, node scanner says persist finished. According to the NKNx dashboard I have mined 4 total blocks for 44 NKN. But my beneficiary wallet is empty. I’ve checked 20 times and the address is correct. I have also looked up the nodes wallet address and checked on NScan and the node wallet is also empty.

I’m not sure if A: I haven’t really mined a block and NKNx is wrong.
B: The wallet is setup wrong somehow
C: I’m wasting my time

I’m happy to troubleshoot and dig into it. I like this stuff but at this point I don’t know what else to check on. Any direction one way or another would be awesome. I’ve been on it about a week and honestly I’m about to shut down my node and move on, but I don’t wanna.

thank you in advance!

Have you checked your beneficiary address on the node? Did you add it correctly when deploying the node?

I’m trying to look that up now actually. I just learned how. As far as setting up correctly when deploying I followed all the steps of NKNs suggest medium article… But I don’t know. I obviously thought I did.

It depends what you did - did you use the marketplace ready-made NKN-node? For example Digital Ocean has that. If you did, then you should have put your own wallet address to the “user data” section.

I don’t recall adding anything to a user data section. I did a fast deploy through the NKNx dashboard and when you create a new configuration it asks for a beneficiary address and that’s where I added it. After creating the configuration I launched it via DO. I did just use DO’s terminal to check my config.json file and the beneficiary address was an empty string. I stopped the server, added my address and restarted it. I’m hoping that fixes it, but I’m also wondering if the beneficiary address was blank shouldn’t the reward have posted to the nodes address?

Yes, if you do it through the NKNx dashboard then you have to add your beneficiary address there and use the API to deploy nodes straight from the dashboard.

Great that you found the solution! I guess that will fix it. I don’t know where have earlier rewards gone to.

Thank you for the time! I guess now I just sit back and wait. One last question. When I check the config.json file it now shows my bene address. But there is another file called default.json that has the bene address as an empty string still… Do you think it needs added there as well?

I have to say that I’m not sure about that, I’m just a n00b on NKN. But I would assume that default.json is just the “base” for the proper config-file? What does “systemctl nkn-commercial” tell you when you type it in the command line? Would that tell you which config-file it is using?