Ledger, Ethereum and NKN

Hi everyone,

I am using a Ledger drive to manage my keys. I’ve created an NKN account on it, which made me create an actual Ethereum account. Can I use the Ethereum receive address provided as my beneficiary wallet address?

Thanks a lot for you help :wink:


NKN has two types of tokens (ERC-20 and Mainnet). They are totally different.

In order to create NKN mainnet wallet, there are few alternatives:

  1. Use web wallet: https://wallet.nkn.org
  2. Use desktop wallet: https://vault.nknx.org
  3. Use nMobile mobile wallet: https://nmobile.nkn.org


Thanks a lot. So mining with my nodes I can get Mainnet tokens right? How can I convert it to ERC-20? Is it through the swapping mechanism as described here?

Actually my objective is simply to be able to secure my tokens with a physical wallet and for now there seems to be no solution for Mainnet. I know something is planned for Ledger wallets but it’s not available yet am I right?