Mined NKN 2 years ago and can not access my wallet

Hi Everyone,

Hope you have a great week.

I was mining NKN arround 2 years ago for 4-7 month and generated 1000 NKN, which with the recent rise of NKN i would like to move it out of my wallet.

The problem is i cant access my wallet it seems, i still have all the mining logs on my computer. I have the public key (which doesnt seem to work to login to my wallet).

I can see the NKN in the wallet tracker, but there is no option to move them. On my wallet tracker i have 3 wallets assigned which one is empty and the other one i have acces to via the NKN wallet (but in that one i only have 57NKN).

Overall this mining project was a fun experience and just a hobby, as you probably can see i have not much clue (i was just following a few guides to set it up).

Is there anyway for me to get the NKN out of my wallet (or more access to my wallet, maybe via the public key or my log files on my pc)?

If this is not the right place to ask this, maybe someone can push me to the right direction, where i could get help for this.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi, if you mined two years ago then most likely it was testnet. We launched mainnet in July 2019, and the NKN wallet format are entirely different from testnet. Unfortunately we don’t have any testnet wallet software anymore.