Mining newbie

I have two nodes mining. I used fast deploy using DO. I am using my home PC. They have been mining for 15 days now I haven’t received a single reward. Is it possible with two nodes from a home PC? If nothing after 15 days am I being impatient or possibly doing something wrong?


According to to nTipBot on NKN telegram channel: on average it takes more than 20 days before you receive your first mining reward (1 block is 11 NKN). And some nodes are luckier or unluckier than the others. 15 days is well within the normal range. If you are impatient, you might want to join one of the newly created mining pools. We do not endorse them, but you can try.

:computer: 83,675 nodes

:earth_africa: 69 countries

:chains: 2,592,718 blockheight

:hourglass_flowing_sand: 22.44s blocktime

:pick: 21.73 avg days to mine a block

:moneybag: $12.14 avg reward per month

And each NKN nodes need one unique public IPv4 address. If you home ISP provides multiple public IPv4 addresses, then you can run multiple NKN nodes. Otherwise, only one.

Thanks! I have a new question if you have a second. Just since yesterday I get my first reward! But it isn’t showing up in my wallet. Is that because the NKN team gets the first reward when you use fast deploy? @zbruceli

NKNx team is a community developer team, and not NKN itself. So if you used NKNx fast deploy (before yesterday), and yes your first mining reward (11 NKN) goes to NKNx team as donation.

Since yesterday, NKNx will not charge first block donation any more for its fast deploy.