Multiple miners behind single public ip address

Is there any way to host multiple nodes behind a single public ip?
Could a load balancer be setup for 1 public ip and multiple nodes?

What would happen in a scenario where 1 node has access to public and there are multiple nodes in private network? Would the private network nodes be neighbors to the public node and still operate properly?

Hi, the NKN full node software requires one public IPv4 address per node. Therefore it is not possible to run multiple NKN node by sharing one public IPv4 address.

In the future, we will look into using IPv6 address for NKN nodes.

What about the private/public node scenario?

I tried testing this. It had plenty of outgoing neighbors but no incoming. After 24 hours the node on same private network that did have public address never became a neighbor. config of the private node was seeded with the private/public node.

I find this interesting because it greatly limits adoption and scalability.
It is your #1 objective

NKN sets the following objectives:
• Any node can connect to this fully open network
from any place

So the major of end-point internet connections out there (homes and most small-businesses) only have 1 public IP and there really aren’t many ipv4 public addresses left.

Does ipv6 fix this?
How can the topology be any different if there are not isolated pools of private nodes that only connect to the rest of the network through a single node?

Did my test fail simply because there are not enough nodes? Would a test with 100 private nodes and 10 public nodes that have access to those 100 private succeed?

IPv6 support and independence from port number are high on our technical research roadmap.

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