Multiple NKN nodes on same machine

Hello ,

I have ubuntu server with two public address , i want to know if is posible to run two nodes in the same machine and if yes then how to do it .

I can buy one vps who have 8,16, 32 or 64 public ip4 addresses so i want to know if i can install on the same machine 8,16,32 or 64 NKN nodes .
I did not find on this forum a topic about multiple nodes on same machine so i opened this topic for anyone who want to do NKN mining in this way .

Thats an interesting question,
I know you can run multiple VM’s within that node and map a different IP per node. But I don’t believe you can run multiple instances of nkn-commercial on a single install and have it function simultaneously.

I bet you could containerize it with docker ( and run multiple instances with ports mapped per instance -> IP
If you do find a way please write up what method you used. Would be great for the next person with this question.

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And this “next person” is I, haha. Your method is working, thanks for the tip!

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