nCDN competition

Hi guys,

I’ve only recently learned and started reading about LEDBAT and consequently about NewNode, which seems awfully similar to what nCDN is doing.

Is NKN’s CDN in direct competition with NewNode? Maybe you’re using some of it’s code? Does nCDN have any advantages over NewNode (besides the one that NewNode would require an in-house tech team to do everything)?

After double check about the NewNode, I haven’t find any specify products or open source code introduction, do you know any link except the simple website introduction.

2nd Google result:

Looks like it’s theirs.

nCDN is very different from them and most other dCDN (decentralized CDN) or pCDN (peer assisted CND) solutions in the sense that nCDN is fully compatible with standard HTTP protocol, just like Cloudflare. So end users won’t need to use nCDN in specific site/app that has some special SDK. Site owner can switch to nCDN simply by adding a CNAME record in their DNS.