Need Help with Starting a NKN Node

Hello everyone,

Im pretty new to the community but I am willing to learn everything i can.

So I was trying to setup a mining node, and I am having some problems about the upnp and the ports setting.

So I was reading through the instructions and I noticed that if my router supports uPnP then its not necessary to mannually open the ports 30001-30003 on my router.

My router does support uPnP and it is turned on as you can see below


but for some reason this message shows up whenever i go to cmd and execute the command “nknd.exe --web-gui-create-wallet”


And when i execute that command, these rules automatically aply in my router, and it even says “nkn node”


Now i cannot understand what I am missing here, but I am sure it is a very simple problem, because the command seems to be working but it also seems to be lacking something.

I have also tought that perhaps it is nothing, and all I have to do is keep following the instructions and set up my wallet but I do not want to risk going forward and waste time without being sure this is a normal error or not.

I appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance