Network Latest Block Created

Hello everyone. I finally got a node up and running a few days ago and have been checking on it from time to time at I am curious about “network latest block created.” What exactly does this mean? Right now it says “a month ago” but two days ago it said “five months ago.”

Furthermore, the “network latest block” keeps advancing and this matches the “latest block” listed on my node.

Sorry if I am explaining this clumsily. But could someone explain what exactly is going on in this ming process. Thanks for the help!

Hi, could you please take a screenshot of nknx’s display of your node, and post it here? This will help us greatly in finding out the potential issue.

network latest block basically means the latest block in the blockchain (not just mined by you, but by everyone).

In most blockchain (including NKN), every node keeps the same copy of all blocks in history. Each block have a sequence number (a.k.a. height). When your node is up and running and synced with the network, your node’s latest block will match the network’s actual latest block, and your node status will be PersistFinished. However, if your node hasn’t been running for a while, it won’t know any new blocks since last run, and it takes some time (from minutes to hours) to sync blocks by fetching from neighbors. During this process, your node status will be SyncStarted, and your node’s known latest block height will increase very fast to the network’s latest block.

The data being show on nknx is the data get from nknx’s node. Recently their node had a problem and lost some data, that’s why it’s outdated and showed “five month ago” or “a month ago”. The data shown there will become up to date once their problem is fixed. Before that, you can check the latest block at

Mining in NKN is basically relaying data for NKN clients and get the chance to propose a block. It’s like a lucky draw: the more data your node relayed, the more tickets it will have in the draw and thus the higher chance it will propose a block. Once its proposal is accepted, we call that your node “mined” a block and get the mining reward in that block.

Thank you very much. This is exactly what I was curious about.