New NKN nodes added, wallets are funded, but nknx is still saying GENERATE_ID

I have added 10 more nodes from 3 different cloud providers and havent had this issue before. It’s been 3 hours now and the 10 new nodes are stuck in GENERATE_ID.

My beneficiary wallet also is showing different values between NKNX and NSCAN.IO. NSCAN shows all transactions for the new server wallets being valid for id generation, but the server internal log (/home/nknx/nkn-commercial/services/nkn-node/Log/2021-11-24_18.19.57_LOG.log) is still stating:

2021/11/24 18:36:56.683472 [WARN ] GID 1, Create ID error: create ID failed
2021/11/24 18:36:56.683506 [WARN ] GID 1, Failed to create ID. Make sure node’s wallet address has enough balance for generate ID fee, or use another wallet to generate ID for this node’s public key.

Address Details | - the official NKN explorer

Shows 10NKN are currently in the wallet, and also that the 10NKN for generate ID has already been taken.

Generate ID might take some time, after the generate ID fee is paid. It can be as soon as 15 minutes, or as long as several hours. rely on an open API (with periodic crawler) to query node status, which might not be as fast as or or Therefore there might be some differences between the results, but will eventually be the same,