New video: Content Delivery in 2020

A new NKN video on how pizza delivery from Chicago can help your Netflix binge watching? Hint: not greasy fingers on your remote. It is Content Delivery Network (CDN) doing the magic. Find out more and how NKN can help.

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Just to clarify. Traditional data centres duplicate data to different servers to reduce latency to clients? How efficiently do data centres optimise the data access I.e. is a lot of it duplicated unnecessarily?

Also the backbone of nkn utilises nodes ISPs how much does this affect latency. For example I am in Scotland have a 100m copper cable to the exchange cabinet then use a fibre optic connection to my ISP which is 380 miles away in Manchester. I have a latency of 35ms. Does connecting to a node using a different ISP have a cumulative affect on latency?

CDN is all about data duplication at edge node. A duplicate near you would make your visit much faster and reduce original server’s pressure. nCDN is mostly about pushing edge nodes more close to end users.

The cross-ISP latency is kind of case by case. Here in California it has little effect, but in China it has huge latency. This is the part where scheduler comes into place. Ideally it should assign end user to its fastest edge node, with both geolocation and ISP factor taken into consideration.