NKN Commercial Server Overload | 20+ of my servers went offline in 2 weeks, why?

Hi guys,

I noticed some of my VPS servers are going down, I thought it’s mere technical issue from my hosting provider but after few days I still noticed my server were still offline then I went to investigate. Then, I realized all my VPS are back online rather the NKN Commercial went down yet the SSD Space of all my VPS(es) were FULL at 99.9% of 25GB which is not supposed to happen. why?

Now, I have to delete offline VPS(es) everyday and deploy new ones to avoid losing money.

is this some kind of attack to the NKN Miners (New Kind of DDoS) or it’s just a bug inside the NKN Commercial source code?

Looking forward to the answers… thank you, guys :slight_smile:

Hi, when the NKN blockchain run for over 2 years the blockchain database increase over time. There are a few things you could do:

  1. We have introduced database pruning a while ago, and it will try to reduce the size of blockchain database. It is automatically run every time you restart the nknd node, e.g. upgrade to new version, or just reboot the VM.

  2. Delete all the older log files in /home/nkn/nkn-commercial/services/nkn-node/Log. This might not help much, since we already implemented log rotation and limiting log size.

  3. When you first install the OS on the VM (before installing NKN node), pick one that is smaller in installed footprint. Also use larger than 25GB disk space if it is possible.

I have a few personal nodes running on Digital Ocean and other VPS platforms, and they seem to be OK so far. Although most of them don’t have that much disk space left either. I think we will soon reach the limit of 25GB disk space for a lot of nodes.

Same issue happened to my VPS with 60GB Disk Space days ago on DigitalOcean.

I was just giving an example with 25GB of Disk Space.

Also, the NKN ChainDB size is ~15GB. Thus, 25GB is good enough.

Now, I have couple of VPS running with 60GB of SSD when I encounter the same issue again I’ll share it here next time.

I don’t think this is about Disk Space, I think it’s something we may not yet fully understand, though

Yes that is about right. So it is puzzling why your 60GB VPS will get disk full. Are you running anything else on the same VPS?

Yes, Docker with some containers, of course :slight_smile: