NKN Livestream AMA with Core Team - June 2019



Based on the latest events, such as getting listed on Huobi Global & Huobi Korea, tNKN swap, mainnet launch end of this month, tremendous increase in the number of NKN holders and miners and last but by no means least the feedback from the community, we announce another NKN Livestream AMA with Core Team.


Wednesday June 26

  • 3PM GMT
  • 11PM Beijing
  • 8AM US Pacific


YouTube Live Streaming:

Zoom Webinar:
Please click the link below to join the webinar: https://zoom.us/j/327102773

Or iPhone one-tap : US: +16699006833,327102773# or +14086380968,327102773#

Or Telephone: Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
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Webinar ID: 327 102 773

International numbers available: https://zoom.us/u/abP5VXSMO

Below you can write down your questions. We also plan to answer questions from the chat during the livestream.


Nice! I have a couple questions.

  1. When is the roadmap post-mainnet going to be released? I know is not the priority on NKN, but I’d like to see when Smart Contracts will be implemented.

  2. Will the team ramp up the marketing after mainnet launches at the end of the month? Is rebranding still something the team considers on doing or not?


Miner node HW/connection requirements/recommendations on Mainnet? Latency vs bandwidth? Disk space? Rewards depending on the previous factors? “Supernodes”? “Pocket nodes”?

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Do the team think of locking up their tokens? It would provide huge confidence to the community and would be an incentive for the potential investors. Teams showing their confidence in their projects have always been appreciated by the market.

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Hi Team,

On first, gratz for all the jobs you are doing.

My question is about your partners and your clients. I know that you are on NDA but could your bring us some infos about their typology plus their impacts in the NKN project in order to comprehend deeply your vision.

Thanks for your responses.



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Can you confirm that there are some partners who will use your products (maybe nCDN and PubSub) right from the mainnet release date?

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  1. There are good chances that NKN will be the most decentralized blockchain with the highest number of concensus nodes. Being number one at any parameter in crypto space is a huge deal. Do you have some strategy to use this fact for marketing purposes?

  2. Has the mainnet reached performance level that fulfilled your goals and expectactions? What do you plan to improve further? When we’ll see some numbers?


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Hey there!

The goal of any startup, in addition to bringing innovation to society, is economic gain. NKN is a member of the Web3Infra alliance, has many partnerships with providers, and several new products are being prepared for Mainnet from both the team and the community :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

But if we talk about the future: does the team plan to start making money on their products, increase annual profits, open new offices, hold meetings and meetups in different countries just like default startup from silicon valley, or in the future the project will be managed by the community, and the core team will become, in fact, part of this community, as, for example, happened to bitcoin?


Could the team talk a bit about the transactions-per-second recorded currently on TestNet and what it will look for MainNet? I know it’s not a core focus, but it’s good to know. Might provide some insight on how successful NKN will be in running dApps in the future. Thanks!

With the launch of the mainnet, are you planning to update branding (website, information) and market NKN more? I ask because there have been several announcements about new additional services/products from the team, however there is nothing on the website detailing any of it. While I detest public figures like Justin Sun, there is an aspect of marketing that appears to be missing from the team. Is there a strategy to expand public exposure? Will the team create a public service/utility to showcase the new products thus creating a revenue stream for the project?

Is nCDN a service that companies will pay premium to use (to reduce latency) or will they also be able to save money with it? Basically I’m asking is nCDN something that can save money for content providers (that do not necessarily need super low latency) or is it a product exclusively for services that require super low latency to exist (i.e. google’s cloud gaming service or perhaps some kind of 4+k streaming)? For example, Twitch works fine as it is with it’s current tech, is there any reason for them to use nCDN? What are those reasons (preferably in numbers)?

Perhaps due to my limited knowledge I wasn’t able to get hyped with Pub/Sub service. To me it looks like it’s trying to solve problems that are already solved? It’s distinguishing feature is that it’s decentralized and works on a blockchain? Anything else? Can you talk about expected demand for this product, why would they use it? Do you have someone already developing apps that utilize this product?

All, The NKN Video AMA - June 2019 that was recorded live this morning is now available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/KNEvGz6_awc

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Hey @dixonal I participated in the AMA under the name John and Bruce told at the end that you are responsible for tshirts giveaways. I’d like to ask you for a nkn tshirt :slightly_smiling_face: btw, great AMA, very transparent and open dialogue with the team!