NKN mainnet Token to NKN ERC20 Token swap news


I have read a post comment somewhere, I missed the link where it suggested that the new minimum amount of NKN to do the swap is and/or will be 3000NKN (mainnet to ERC20).

I searched around and could not find any official communication of this being done or happening.

However I did find (I think) the reason why that comment was raised …

turns out that the token swap (mainet to ERC20) page from https://swap.nkn.org/selswap appears paused as it should as we are in between windows for mainet to ERC20 swap.

However if you go to the swap page directly https://swap.nkn.org/swap/erc20tonkn it show a minimum amount of 3000NKN…

What is the reason for that?

Any changes happening that I might need to be aware now or … ???

Kind regards and thanks,

The Ethereum gas fee is very high at the moment, thus we temporarily increased the minimum swap amount. In the future, we will implement that users will pay gas fees, then we can have a lower swap minimum. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for you reply.

Hmmm. Yeah those fees are ridiculous.

Can’t you move the swap to something where you don’t rely as much on demand and offer of other cryptos?

I hope my question makes sense, bare in mind I am newbie…

Could you not have a “public/real” crypto where the NKN tokens are exchanged to?

3000 NKN Minimun? It wil take me a year to have that amount :confused:

That will be reduced together with other swap system updates.

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