NKN MainNet v1.1.5-beta Release

We released a new version v1.1.5-beta. This is a minor release with a lot of improvements.


  • Remove old log files if total log file size exceeds a limit


  • Add web directory to git repo for user’s convenience
  • Add docker entrypoint to create default config/wallet/certs/etc


  • Will not cache block with invalid signature
  • Add neighbor sent block with invalid signature to blacklist


  • Use periodical ping/pong message to detect client timeout rapidly
  • Will put message into buffer if client timeout

Upgrade is recommended.

  • If you are using one-click on DO/AWS/Google Cloud, you just need to stop and restart and miner and it will upgrade automatically.
  • If you downloaded the release version, you just need to download it again at https://github.com/nknorg/nkn/releases , replace files and start nknd again
  • If you build from scratch, you just need to do the build again.
  • If you are using some scripts or tutorials that has auto-updater, then it should be automatic if the auto-updater is working properly.

You probably don’t need to download the ChainDB snapshot manually, but if you really want or need, you can use https://nkn.org/ChainDB_pruned_latest.zip or https://nkn.org/ChainDB_pruned_latest.tar.gz for pruned ChainDB.

To update to the new version, please stop your nknd, rebuild (or download the latest binary from https://github.com/nknorg/nkn/releases ), and then restart. If you are using the auto-updater, then you just need to stop and restart and miner and it will upgrade automatically.