NKN MainNet v2.1.1 Release

Can I still deploying nodes between 2570000 and 2600000 or do I have to pay the 10 NKN fee?

I want to remove or migrate some nodes with low performance to other zones or servers, they are currently running version 2.1.1.

  • Do I have to close them and implement them again or can I migrate them?
  • If that were the case, how would I have to migrate them without losing the ID?
  • The ID does not depend on the IP?

You can back up your wallet now. If your node continue to run (without changing into no id state) after block 2600000 then it has a new ID. Or you can also get the current ID from node state (like from nstatus) and see when it changes to see whether it has a new ID.

Nodes deployed between 2570000 and 2600000 will not be paid by foundation, and you will need to pay yourself. Node ID only depends on wallet.json, so you can do the following:

  • Wait until block 2600000 to make sure your nodes have new ID
  • Back up the wallet.json and wallet.pswd of your nodes and shut down the current ones
  • Deploy new node, move the wallet.json and wallet.pswd backed up from old nodes to the new ones and restart node

Then your new nodes will have the ID of your old nodes.

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Can backup my node now,when 2600000 arrived, use this backup to my new node,will it get a new ID automatic? or I need backup my ID until 2600000 arrived?

If I’m sorry but I’m not entirely clear, should I backup my current nodes before block 2570000 or after my ID has been changed?

Edit: btw, we are close 2570000, the ID change will be automatic?

You can back up at any time. ID is only tied to your wallet (wallet.json and your password, which might be stored in wallet.pswd if you use nkn-commercial).

You can back up at any time. ID is only tied to your wallet (wallet.json and your password, which might be stored in wallet.pswd if you use nkn-commercial).

The ID change will be automatic as long as your node is qualified and the foundation pay the fee for you.

How can I know my ID is already changed to NEW?
Can you give me one NEW ID NO. for example?

All my nodes are on “WAIT_FOR_SYNCING” with version: [v2.1.1-2-g3f0b]

Ok, so now all of my nodes are: offline, pruning blockchain, stucked in block 2570066 and the few running (for a couple of minutes) stays with the same ID as before

some problems pruning blockchain WAIT_FOR_SYNCING…

Only 80k nodes online…

We are in phase 2 of mainnet upgrade, and gradually nodes will generate new ID and migrate. This will take time, please keep your node online and be patient. For reference:

Hi, my PC node is not running anymore, it´s v2.1.1 but now i´m seeing that there´s a new v2.1.1-6-g78361 in my other nodes that doesn´t figure in GitHub. Where can I download it?

Also the rest of my nodes mantain the same old ID but my pc node change it and I see that I lost 10 NKN from my wallet (the same benefeciary address in all my nodes, and my local wallet in my node)…

Why I lost 10 NKN if my node were running the 2.1.1 version before block 2570000 and 2560000??

I´m not a big miner, had 40 nodes now I have 28 in VPS and my PC node… so every penny counts for me.

Please help me here @zbruceli @yilun . Thanks

My wallet is:


Let me reply to you in the other thread.

Hello, I just started mining 2 days ago by creating a Node through Digital Ocean and nknx.org still shows that I am still generating an ID. The node is still running on Digital Ocean. I checked the status of my node by using nstatus.org and inputted my node’s IP address and received this message: “No ID in this account, waiting for generate ID fee or generate ID transaction
Please verify you have made the node generation payment for node wallet address: my wallet address”. At this stage, what steps do I need to take to generate my ID and make sure I am mining NKN and receiving the rewards to my NKN wallet?

Thank you

This is going to be a noobie question, but how to get 10NKN in my wallet in the first place? I opened one at https://wallet.nkn.org/#/. I know you can buy NKN on binance/coinbase, but is it possible to transfer those to the actual wallet or is there another way?

Thank you

Same, for some reason I couldn’t transfer 10 NKN from my crypto.com app.

Hi there are two types of NKN tokens:

  • ERC-20 NKN tokens, which almost all exchanges supports and trade
  • Mainnet NKN tokens, which is used on NKN mainnet to run nodes and earn mining rewards. However, currently only Upbit supports mainnet NKN tokens.

You can use the official swap tool to swap between the two:

In the future, we will work with major exchanges to support both formats of NKN tokens.

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@zbruceli here goes the missing piece, thank you very much!