NKN nMobile FAQ

NKN nMobile FAQ

Getting Started

1. What is nMobile?

nMobile is a secure and private messaging App powered by NKN’s decentralized network and blockchain technology.

2. How to install nMobile?

Download nMobile Here, or follow the direct installation links for your platform:



APK Download

3. Do I need to register with my phone number?

No. nMobile is 100% private. Every nMobile client in the NKN network communicates through an anonymous, random generated ID. No backtracking to your device is possible. When we say we are a trusted App, we do mean it.

4. How do I know my communication is 100% private?

nMobile is secure by default.

NKN’s decentralized network makes it impossible for anybody to intercept, eavesdrop, or modify the data sent between two clients while providing additional hop-to-hop encryption between each relayer in the network to further guarantee your security.

5. Is it 100% anonymous? Can I trust nMobile?

An anonymous, unique, random generated ID is the only thing you need to use our App.

There is no personally identifiable information such as real name, nickname, mobile phone number, or even your IP address ever leaving your phone.

6. What’s the tech behind nMobile?

nMobile uses NKN’s decentralized mesh network and blockchain technology for all communication.

7. Is nMobile open source?

Yes, nMobile is 100% open source. Therefore it is free for everyone to explore, audit, and contribute. You can find the nMobile source code here on GitHub.

8. What are the main features of nMobile?

nMobile supports the majority of common features you can find in modern messaging apps. Below is a non-exhaustive list of main features: private (1-on-1) chat, public group chat, private group chat, burn after reading, notification, image, and voice message.

9. What new features are on nMobile’s roadmap?

We are continuously hardening, enhancing, and further developing nMobile.

Secure file transfer and real-time voice/video communication are the main roadmap features to be implemented in the coming months.