NKN node crashed due to NTS update

rPi NKN node crashed.


This is the end of that log file.
Latest timestamp 2019/05/16 22:18:05.740654

Subsequent 4 log files were created with similar content, all at 22:17. just with some ms of difference on the timestamps between files.

Basically no connectivity. No clue what was going on. I did rebooted the rPi when I noticed the issue. After that NKN working again (lets see for how many hours). Not understanding how newer logs files were created with older timestamp, I did check the ntp sync.


The NTS (Network Time Synchronization) updated the system time exactly while NKN was writing logs, so screwed it. I believe that’s the reason.
Then, which would be the best approach to avoid this kind of things in the future?

From the error log “dial udp”, your rpi cannot connect to your local DNS server, so it cannot find the ip address of the seed node. You probably need to figure out why that happens. Once it’s fixed nknd will be fine.

Thanks for reply.