NKN vs BitTorrent

So how is NKNs CDN / Video streaming launching service similar to BitTorrent or different? Maybe the team can make a comparison charts with existing crypto projects that aim to solve similar problems. I think NKNs is much further ahead than BTT from a technical standpoint on integrating a token model for a CDN but the comparison will help NKN get exposure.

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BTT is fairly new, and there are not enough details to do a proper comparison yet.

BitTorrent itself has been around for a long time, and people understand it pretty well. It is a p2p file sharing service.

NKN goes a layer lower, at the networking layer. We can build BitTorrent type of service on top of NKN, but we can also run other network applications such as web proxy and accelerator, content delivery network, video and game streaming, pub/sub messaging, and more.

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But at launch of the video streaming CDN, how will this look? More like P2P BitTorrent with an easy to use UI that you can “seed” files?

Please see our latest post for positioning NKN and p2p file sharing: