NKN Wallet transfer stop working

I have been today deploying some nodes(44), everything was fine all day until I reach the 36 node, this afternoon around 6:30 pm when I try to transfer the 10 tokens to generate the new ID, the wallet they give me the confirmation the transfer was done ok like the other transfers, but nothing happens, anyone knows anything if they are any issues with the wallets, by the way I use the NKN wallet.

Many thanks,

Hi, which NKN wallet did you use?

And did you have a backup copy of your wallet? It is highly recommend to make a backup. Once you have the backup, you can try another wallet to see if it makes any difference.


Thanks for your reply, I use wallet.nkn.org, also I have two wallets, and I was trying to send the 10 tokens to the wallet node from both also between the wallets and they did exactly the same, but is very strange after 36 transfer they stop, by the way is there any limits with the transfers.?

Many thanks

That is quite strange, we are not aware of any limitation on how many transfers you do.

Can you check if you still have enough tokens left in your wallet? Also please make a backup of the wallet, so you won’t lose anything.


Yes I have 211 nkn on the wallet, very strange…also I did try in two computers, and they did the same, ok I’m going to install the desktop Vault wallet on my desktop and try to see if the act in the same way. I will let you know how I progress.

Thanks anyway for your help.


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I just did a transfer from wallet.nkn.org, and it went through within minutes.

One more thing: are you adding 0.1 NKN for transaction fee? That will help ensuring the transaction recorded on the blockchain.