NKNX Monitor Scam?

I joined nknx.org and bought a pro+ plan, and the plan come with “Commercial Support (SLA 12 hours) incl. node troubleshooting”
But there is no way to contact them, i started to use fast deploy but when i click confirm i got this error “500 Server Error” even i submitted the secret key of my hosting provider all the configuration correct, but nothing is working, is this a scam !!!, anyone have an idea. and for sure they lied about providing support because there is not a single email or a way to reach them

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Hey there,
The support has been removed from our website some months ago - I now also removed the text that definitely did a false advertisement on that. Sorry for the confusion.

Please head out on DM here in the forum and send me your BTC address so I can issue a refund. Thanks!

High Chance it could be! I Lost my seed and the wallate file , @zbruceli Told me to contact support they will help me. But support told me Oh you lost it then its lost .

They just took my NKN :slight_smile:

In any crypto (including bitcoin and ethereum), if you lose your private key then nobody in the entire world can get those assets. They just disappear into the proverbial “black hole”. Nobody, including the people we developed the software, nobody can access your assets. They are just lost forever.

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