NKNX.org Dashboard stuck in ...LOADING

Hi, everyone. Just tried to deploy my first 2 digital ocean nodes. One I used the droplet style, the other the Fast Deploy API. Problem is, my nknx.org dashboard has been stuck in “loading…” screen the past 24 hours. Anyone know how to fix this? thanks!

Unfortunately, they are in the middle of upgrading the mainnet right now. Newly generated nodes will need to have 10NKN in the nodes linked wallet acting as a fee to generate a new ID. I believe this is a measure to help protect the network from attacks, specifically ones that require lots of new nodes.

NKN MainNet v2.1.1 Release
Security Enhancement: Adjusting Fees for Generate ID

Thanks. I’m trying to send some NKN from coinbase to my nnk web wallet, but Coinbase is saying the webwallet is an INVALID address. How do I send to the webwallet from coinbase?

I think you need to swap them from ERC-20 to mainnet token

Here: https://swap.nkn.org/

I answered this exact problem in another post. I transferred from my Coinbase to my Mainnet NKN wallet a couple days ago.

One Penny Hurdle Nodes & Mining

Hope this helps.

Oh man, I really screwed this up! I sent OGN from coinbase to the NKN Mainnet payment address! UGH, I never thought I would do something this dumb.

So… is there a way to get the OGN back from the NKN Mainnet payment address? I see on my coinbase confirmation that the transfer was successful. In my NKN web wallet there is still ZERO balance. Any help!!! Thanks!!!

Before someone who knows how to fix things shows up. I noticed a contact email for problems with swap orders on the form. Until someone catches this, I would shoot that address and email.

From Swap Page: After reading our guide and you still have questions, please contact our customer support [email protected] with all your swap order details