No enough NKN Mainnet Token

Hello, i am new to the NKN community and recently attempted to set up a Node. It was a fairly seamless process in Ubuntu. Once i got to where i needed to send 10 NKN to the node wallet address i learned of the difference between ERC20 and mainnet tokens. I transferred my ERC20 NKN tokens to trust wallet and from there went to swap to my mainnet wallet address.

Upon attempting to swap i get a strange error tho. It says “no enough NKN Mainnet Token” (Perhaps typo and meant “not” instead of “no”) just below the option email field. I have tried half a dozen times and it always shows the same thing. I am transfereing 100 NKN if that matters.

What am i missing? Thanks a bunch for any help!

Hello @spade and welcome :slight_smile:

It can happen sometimes that the swap machine is empty.
Just send an email to [email protected] and they will fill it again :slight_smile: