No mining reward


I have launched 8 server and I mining for 10 days now and I never received any rewards could you tell me if is a good plan to mining nkn tokens?


Hi, before we can assist, please allow us a few clarifying questions:

  1. Were you using’s fast deploy scripts? If yes, then the first mining reward will be automatically sent to nknx, due to their development effort and hosting costs.

  2. Have you checked your IP address in one of the following services to make sure it is in mining state?

If your nodes are indeed working properly, and you have already “paid” the first mining reward to nknx (if using fast deploy), then you might find this article relevant:


Yes I am using fast deploy service all server have been installed with fast deploy service, all ip servers are in green mining state on the nknx web interface there is no problem on the procedure and servers run properly.



Yes I am using these website to check if rhe nodes are all right and all nodes run correctly

Have a good day


Thanks for your swift response.
All servers are a cloud provider solution with very good performance with the average rate of return of 18% therefore I do not understand how to get rewards knowing what I paid 5$ per server so we must do more than 5$ per month for a acceptable economic profitability.
Is it possible do make more than one instance nkn per server maybe 2 or 3
Best regards