No nkn in the wallet


I am mining nkn since about 20 days and I see some nkn in the dashboard but not in my wallet could you tell me if it is a normal or may I wait a certain quantity of nkn to see them in my wallet?


If you deploy by NKNx’s Fast Deploy, then the first mining reward of 11 NKN will go to NKNx. Future mining reward will go into your beneficiary wallet address, which you configured during your installation.

I used Fast deploy, but I am not getting any reward in my wallet
I took a few screenshots, maybe it can be useful.
Screenshot at 2020-07-17 09-09-46 Screenshot at 2020-07-17 09-10-26 Screenshot at 2020-07-17 09-10-57

You probably want to check the nknx channel in Discord. It might be related to the bug mentioned in screenshot below. If so they will resolve the problem for you.


what about what I’ve earned so far if I delete my node?

It depends on what are the problems, so it’s better to check with nknx since they know the details

I think this thread can be closed. We applied the fixes on all nodes and missing NKN got refunded.