No NKN in Wallet

One of my nodes has now mined a total of 4 rewards. I know the first reward goes to the network but the remaining three should go to my beneficiary wallet address yet there are no NKN in that wallet. Is there a typical lag time between mining a reward and it showing up in the wallet? I have double checked that the beneficiary address on my Fast Deploy node using Digital Ocean matches the wallet I created on Any help/insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

Where did you see the first reward goes to the network?

I’m sure there is a certain amount of time it takes for the reward to transfer, but I haven’t noticed it taking very long at all.

I’ll give you some homework. Go to and look up your address to see if it has indeed received any rewards from the blockchain. If it hasn’t, and you know what blocks you mined, you can look up those blocks and see to what address the rewards were sent to.

Hope this helps.

I’m having the same issue. According to NKN Dashboard I’ve mined three blocks but nothing in my wallet. How do I know or figure out which blocks I mined?

Sorry, should have clarified but my NKNx dashboard shows that I’ve mined 6 rewards this week, one node yielded 4 and two others yielded 1 apiece. The first reward on each node goes to NKNx which would leave me with 3 rewards yet nothing shows up in my wallet. I’ve checked on the nscan and there’s no records there.

I also am having the same issue with my Oracle VM nodes. No issue with my Raspberry Pi4 though.