No NKN in wallet

I know a few people posted this but I haven’t seen an answer that helped. I have two nodes deployed using fast deploy and DO hosting them. Been running about 30 days each. One hasn’t mined a block yet, the other one has mined 3!! Yay! I have nothing in my wallet. I set up my wallet through NKN, I’ve checked the address of it 20 times, it matches the beneficiary address of the nodes. BTW, the way I know I mined 3 blocks is through node manager. Is there a way to find out which block you mined so I can check what wallet received the reward?

Is there a glaring step I’ve missed?


Same thing is happening to me. I posted in the NKNx discord this morning to see if anyone can help. I will let you know what I find out.

Thanks I would appreciate that!

I don’t think I’ve used the node manager interface you are speaking of.
To me it would make sense for it to report the block number that you mined.
If it has access to the knowledge of you mining a block, it should tell what number block you mined as well.

That would make sense but it doesn’t have that info anywhere. I feel like if I could just find out what block it was I could look it up and see what wallet received the reward