NO REWARD. 2 month mining!

Screenshot 2021-06-06 at 7.28.45 PM
2 month mining on 3 AWS nodes. 0 rewarn. Rubbish.

If that # relayed column is accurate for the 2 months, I can see why there are no rewards. You can relay 519k messages in a couple hours. The other 2 aren’t mining either, and it looks like they’ve never fully synced.

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Yeah, that’s right. Also with 3 nodes you could be so unlucky you didn’t recieve a reward. Sampling errors tend to be more persistent in setups with low numbers of samples.

You can have some nodes that perform poorly ,with a bigger cuantity of then, and you wouldn’t even notice it. But if you have that “bad” nodes in a little setup, your mining rewards are gonna be null.

From what I’ve been seeing from others as well as observe from my own node, it seems like you’ll get roughly one reward per 3-4 weeks from a node. Sometimes sooner sometimes longer.

They’ve been working on rewards distribution in the recent updates. I’ve been running my node for roughly the same time frame as the OP and have mined 3 blocks in just over 2 months or so.

Again, I have to reiterate the OP does not have nodes up and running. A node has to be fully synced to even have a chance to be rewarded. The one node that is actually mining looks like it started mining very recently, that’s not a node that has been running for 2 months. You’d have rewards if it had been mining that long, and many millions more relayed messages. I think something is wrong with the setup but I am unsure of what specifically could be wrong.

You are not alone.

Started 18 days ago and running at 398,242.62 relays / h with no awards.
157,596,996 relays so far and nothing.

I have 2 nodes running. One local to my network and one on a VPS. I have already received one mining reward within a few days of starting my nodes. I am not having any issues there. My biggest issue is the node on my VPS all my “neighbors” are fully synched and tranmitting, on my local node the vast majority of my “neighbors” show waiting to synch status.