No rewards for 19 days, whats going on?


My node seems to have stopped again, 19 days since last reward…!
My ports are open, everything appears normal, any ideas whats going on?



Your node seems to be in the right state “PersistFinished” and Relayed Messages are not zero. However it does seem your Relayed Messages number is quite small.

There is some issues with in recent days, and their database is not entirely up to date. You might want to check your IP address and wallet address on official testnet browser:

OK, just did a lookup of wallet address and ip on there and the records reflect details seen in screenshot, all looks like it should be working but I am getting nothing…?
Any way to further diagnose this?

Your Relayed Message number seems to be quite small, which potentially means you have much less probability to get mining reward.

So what kind of computer are you running the node? e.g. home pc, cloud vps, raspberry pi? And how about your node’s Internet connection?

There are some “unlucky” nodes with particular NKN address that tend to receive much less rewards than others. And there are “luckier than usual” nodes too. If you run several NKN nodes, then they even out and you will see the average is approaching global average.

If you only run one node and it is working properly, and after some time the reward is substantially below average, you can potentially kill it and replace with a new node (with new IP address). But do remember to back up your original wallet information, if you already have test tokens in it.


Im running the node on a home windows pc in Australia, rewards have always been dismal but now just nothing. Internet is ok on the NBN.

@Dudester testnet had upgraded to v0.8.3-alpha at 12 days ago. And upgraded again before 2 days ago.
There is still v0.8.2-alpha version on your snapshot.

Oh ok, how do we know that?
How do we upgrade the windows miner?