No Rewards for weeks Mining on Digital Ocean

Anyone else having poor mining results?
I havent earnt anything for weeks using Digital Ocean.

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My nodes on DO are running fine. Are your nodes being persist finished state?

Same here, 2 on Comcast, 1 Verizon FiOS and one on Azure.

None of them mined for at least 3 weeks. Mine were deployed through

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Yes, in persist_finished but nothing at all for another week since i posted here…

Ive got two azure nodes in Amsterdam both running since commercial node release (about 30 days, so 60 mining days in total), zero rewards. Also abysmal relays in comparison with US nodes like not even 1/10th the throughput, perhaps that contributes to this.

My node us in the US and nothing for about a month

2 months without a single reward on US nodes, I am shutting down all mining, its just not worth it.

That is definitely abnormal. Have you checked if your beneficiary wallet address is properly set and all your nodes were properly wokring?

I have deleted it now but yes all was correct, was earning but then just stopped.

There are two main factors impacting your chance to relay traffic, and thus potential mining reward.

  1. Your node ID: this will decide your position in the DHT ring, and thus who will be your neighbors
  2. Your network latency to your neighbors

So if a node is super unlucky, i.e. with few neighbors and long latency to the neighbors, then it will have much smaller chance to relay traffic, and thus much lower probability to receive a mining reward.

Things get even more challenging, since currently vast majority of nodes are in US.

I personally run 14 nodes, across 4 cloud platforms (DO, AWS, GCP, Linode) in different countries (US West, US East, Singapore, Germany), as well as my own home Raspberry Pi (California). So far, my nodes are generating mining rewards, including my home Raspberry Pi. It is not a lot, but not totally dry either. But single node will have much wider variance, compared to 14 nodes.

Our core developers are fully aware this challenge, and are researching and experimenting with various potential solutions. So please stay tuned.

what if i have alot of relayed messeges say like 200,000 msgs .what does it suggest?

i have like 10 nodes in digital ocean the bill is skyrocketing is there a rational of what i pay versus what i earn?

Admin, any update on mining changes?
A lot of people including myself are about to give up, over a month since I have had a reward on any of my nodes, this is ridiculous and miners will just stop.

Please update us…