No rewards - what am I doing wrong?

I’ve been mining for 4 or 5 days on mainnet. Originally I setup a node on my Windows 10 machine, I never saw any rewards after a day, and once I got my docker node up and running I switched to that, which seems like its working aside from it stopping for no reason yesterday and having to restart. Here are my stats when I do a lookup, what am I doing wrong?


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Isn’t the average reward only like once every 5 days anyway? And if the network’s growing, I assume that number goes up. You want to hold fire and just see what happens. Some get lucky and a few back to back, others wait for a while before anything happens.

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That is helpful, there isn’t much info like that available so that at least level sets my expectations a bit. Is there anything I can do to increase my relayMessageCount?

I believe that’s more based around your latency than anything. Besides faster connection, I don’t think you can increase it. At the moment there are many people simply running dozens of nodes, if not more. Simply playing the numbers game. I’d be tempted to say to think of running a node as helping the system as a whole, which eventually adds value, over a profitable endeavour at the moment. That said, hoarding NKN now and selling at a higher price is profitable, so every little helps.

For testing purpose, I have a small number of nodes that I run and paid by myself. And you can see that in the last 8 days running, the mining reward is drastically different among mining nodes but the average is very close to global average.

    • DO-1: 11.4
    • DO-2: 0
    • DO-3: 68.49
    • DO-4: 0
    • DO-5: 0
    • DO-6: 11.4
    • DO-7: 34.2
    • DO-8: 79.9
    • AWS-1: 11.4
    • AWS-2: 0
    • GCP-1: 0

So the average yield per node per day is about 2.46


If we calculate the global network average it is about 2.46


So my personal fleet of 11 nodes across 3 cloud platforms average to almost exactly the global average. But the node to node variation is huge:

  • The worst nodes: 5 nodes out of 11 yield zero mining reward over 8 days
  • The best node: DO-3 yield 79.9 NKN or 7 blocks over 8 days
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@zbruceli, would you be willing to share information about the regions in which the nodes have been deployed?

8 of my DO nodes are in Frankfort, Germany. while the last one is in Toronto, CA.
My AWS nodes are in Oregon
My GCP nodes are in US Central (I guess Iowa?)

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I just passed 48 hours and haven’t seen anything yet. I might throw a node up on DO just to compare the two. Though, the responses in here pretty much tell me what to expect.