No Rewards

I have been mining for a over a week now through Digital Ocean one click node and still have zero rewards, is something wrong? Status is Persist Finished and Node Monitor says MINING 2487204 v2.0.7 0 8437767

  • addr: “tcp://”,
  • currTimeStamp: 1617490626,
  • height: 2487226,
  • id: “dbdf7d34c5f75d5a0e61b3d7848dfe4d3be6ad4242f36b5057b78b0b58f8283d”,
  • jsonRpcPort: 30003,
  • proposalSubmitted: 0,
  • protocolVersion: 30,
  • publicKey: “205891e781ff68169e134fd53a69d970b1e3727d66edc525a2f081f5d0039c40”,
  • relayMessageCount: 8444969,
  • syncState: “PERSIST_FINISHED”,
  • tlsJsonRpcDomain:,
  • tlsJsonRpcPort: 30005,
  • tlsWebsocketDomain:,
  • tlsWebsocketPort: 30004,
  • uptime: 893297,
  • version: v2.0.7-1-g37bc,
  • websocketPort: 30002
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Seems ok, hang in there :smiley:

It takes time.

Same for me. No mining reward since started mining last week.

So many node so reward more difficult

Running 20+ VPS [Mining] for 5 days

But I got only 11 NKN, VPS location [London]

So, what the trick in getting NKN block rewards?

If theres a trick I would love to know it too.
1 Reward in 3 weeks, about 5 nodes still syncing after 2 weeks…

I made a node with AWS, almost 48h to syncing. Now is mining but after 4 days still zero, neither few cents.

What may I do to speed-up?
Can I make more nodes with AWS (will they be free as well?) or better use another provider?

Thanks in advanced

I have just 1 node on Amazon E2 for testing purpose.

9 days still syncing. No mining, no rewards. I will keep it active for 1 month. Then I have to shut down if no mining or rewards.

Any advise welcome.

it takes times, and a bit of luck! The average right now it´s about 1 block every 3 weeks or so per node, and it doesn´t pay for your relays, it pays the whole block (~11 NKNs). You can watch the “estimate node/month = 13.90$” in