No space left on device

I wanted to update to the latest version today because I realized my node wasn’t online anymore. That seemed to have worked (I downloaded the latest version from github).
I noticed that my disk usage was at around 95% before the update, and after I started the miner it quickly filled up the remaining space. I have 20GB disk space.
I came across a post from 2019 that mentioned to use this command in the config.json:
“StatePruningMode”: “lowmem”
But when I start the node, it still fills up the storage space. Am I just out of luck and need a bigger HDD or can I somehow make the DB smaller?

Lowmem setting is deprecated and on by default as far as I know.
It might be worthwhile deleting the ChainDB folder and replacing it with the ChainDB folder from a node that is mining correctly.

ok thanks, gonna try that :slight_smile:

Also you can delete all the log files from Log directory, to help reduce disk usage.

yeah thats what i did first