Node Google Cloud

I started a node in the google cloud but ./nknc info brings this message could you help me?

2020/04/16 18:16:15.945974 [ERROR] GID 1, POST request: Post “http://localhost:30003”: dial tcp connect: connection refused

Post “http://localhost:30003”: dial tcp connect: connection refused

First of all, did you install your NKN node via 1-click on google cloud marketplace, or via’s fast deploy method? Or you install from scratch by yourself either download the binary executable or download the source code and build from it. There are differences how the node behaves.

It takes up to a few hours to initialize the NKN ID when you first install NKN. During this time, the nknc will not work since the nknd software is doing a cryptographic puzzle to generate the NKN ID. After the nknd software runs properly, you should be able to use nknc to query its status.

Also on google cloud, you do need to open up the ports 30001-30020, in order for nknd to run properly. Our 1-click takes care of this, but if you are using other installation methods, you need to configure these by yourself.

Through the 1-click google method I don’t need to do anything else? I used Fast Deploy after installing it on google cloud, is it wrong?