Node is displayed as offline on NKNX and NSTATUS

Hello All,

I have deployed the second NKN node on my Raspberry PI with fast deploy script. Node status is PERSIST_FINISHED when I check from CLI but when I try to check the status from nstatus or nknx, it is displayed as offline.

Node status

Do I need to open any specific port for the same? This causes a lot of confusion as the same thing happens with my first NKN node, even when it is running fine.

Hello Rohit,

I had the same issue with a Pi at home, I asked Mutsi the developer of nstatus on the Official NKN Discord and the issue is probably that you’re checking your Pi on nstatus from the same network (probably home)

Try to use nstatus with the local IP of your node, the result should pop :slight_smile:

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Thanks sir for providing the answer!

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