Node stuck on syncing at block 2522846


My node is stuck for last 4 days at block 2522846 although upon checking at nstatus it shows that it’s currently at the latest block. Not sure what’s wrong could anyone point me in the right direction please.

Thank you


If it’s a issue I have same problem. My node stuck at 2499538 block like 4 days.


Hi, have you upgraded to the latest 2.0.9 release version?

Also please use for finding out your node status. NKNx is currently suspending all node state updates, for an overhaul.

I use AWS and NKN Commercial and I guess not updated yet. Also i saw this message on forum :
“Commercial nodes will upgrade slowly just to avoid massive node offline. But users won’t need to do anything manually.”

Do you suggest upgrade manually or I need just wait.

Thank you.

Both my two AWS nodes are now 2.0.9. But I cannot remember if they were nkn-commercial or nknx fast deploy: both were quite a while ago…

Just found just need to restart the node. Now version: [v2.0.9] and now started to syncing.

New “newbie” question is: my ip is changed and i added again to node-manager. Will it continue to mine or start from begining?

Thanks for help.