Nodes are sync for more then 36 hours

Machine IP:

Sometimes nodes can take several days to sync up to the latest block height. Please check your nodes status and current block height, compared to network block height. Then you have a rough idea, how soon your node will be fully sync’d and starts mining.

@zbruceli I tried in various browsers. Current height is not showing up.image

put in the IP of your node and submit

read the height values there.

Your nodes are still syncing. Not downloading pre-packed chain leads to many days of waiting for blockchain to download.


I have found the current height of the node, but to which height does it has to reach? (Current height of the network)

current is about 2.5 million

stop worrying it will sync, just wait.

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Also check this out if you want more control over everything.

@no112358 Thanks! That is what i was looking for :smiley:

I also just updated the script to a new one, which can do all the guide was for.

@no112358 Thanks so much for making it setup with the single command :smiley:

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