Nodes on Amazon do not find blocks for the second day! 3000 nodes 0 blocks!

Hi friends.
I want to contact the engineers and developers of the project.

I have over 3000 nodes on Amazon, I pay over $ 1000 daily to use AWS resources.
For 2 days I have not received more than 1 block.
I checked the status of my miners on AWS and there is no problem there.
I started to check the status of my miners in nstatus selectively. I checked over 100 public IPs and they were all error free.
Before that, everything was fine and the awards came without problems.
What happened? Why my 3000 nodes stopped earning rewards, I pay over $ 1000 per day for AWS resources.

I want to get an answer from the team and developers, what happened to Amazon? Should I stop paying for their resources? I lose $ 1000 every day. Please provide information!

I only had 75 nodes on Vultr and I have not received any rewards in 1 1/2 days. Even when there were over 100k nodes I would hit blocks daily so something is odd. I deleted all my nodes for now let me know if you find blocks soon.

if you see here some nodes are getting so much luck!


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There were someone who use super long signature chain to gain unfair share of the mining reward. This happened for about 22-24 hours, and was discovered by community and NKN core developer. A patch was added into v2.0.9 to fix this problem.

You can find info here:

It still not fix, please review your code.

This is undoubtedly important information for me and I will study it, but there is a problem with this.
I’m running my nodes on AWS using an amazon VM and it’s still version 2.0.8.
How can I run the update on all my nodes? Perhaps the developer can make changes to the previous version or simply provide the amazon team with an update so that they on their side update the virtual machine to 2.0.9 on all current nodes.
I do not use the console to launch my nodes, I just use a ready-made solution, according to this instruction - Deploy NKN Commercial on AWS Marketplace

Check your node status using, if it is already 2.0.9. nknx is currently suspending all node state updates, so it will still show old info.

1-click should be auto update, so nothing need to be done by users.

how much do you pay per node on AWS sir

I wonder how can u make profits from 1000$ a day with 3000 nodes

My friend, when the network had 30 thousand nodes, 3000 nodes gave 6000 coins per day))) Now the network is more than 150,000 nodes, I stopped my machines. Big players came, even I with my 3000 nodes just left, as mining became unprofitable. In March, the network grew by 3000 nodes per day, and in April there were days on which 10,000 new nodes arrived. Now paying for Amazon’s services is not profitable, they do not make a profit)

It is not difficult to count, 40,000 coins per day are rewarded.
I estimate that around 160,000 nodes are up and running right now.
each node receives 0.25 coins per day on average. This is rude, but I suppose something like this. the coin costs $ 0.5. 1 node brings $ 0.125 per day.
Mining is not profitable - this is a fact, many new nodes are added every day, but the number of reward coins does not increase. I do not know where so many new nodes come from and what their resource prices are, but I can say that almost all of April I saw only losses.

When the network had 30k nodes, the NKN value was $0.03 - 0.05, even getting 6000 coins per day I really don`t get it how it was proffitable having to pay for 3000 nodes.

The problem is not the availability but the price of the coins in relation of the cost of the nodes.

I didn’t sell, I believed in the project and waited, I’ll say more, I sold no more than 25%. I believe that the best price is yet to come.